The Western Side of Nevada Gold Mines

Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) bid a mixed scope of work at Turquoise Ridge in mid-2020.  SMD was awarded this contract. We mobilized in the last half of 2020 and are still working here. Our initial scope was to install high capacity ground support around one of the third shaft stations prior to sinking efforts reaching this station. This work led to additional rehabilitation and high capacity ground support installation in various parts of this large, underground complex.

We then started developing the internal, lateral access to the bottom of the third shaft and focused on this effort in most of 2021. We will continue to develop various infrastructure around two shaft stations in the third shaft in 2022.

To date, we have completed 10,000 feet of development, installed tens of thousands of feet of grouted bolts and tens of thousands of inflatable frictions bolts. We have also provided support by hauling backfill and assisting with various mining as required by NGM.

We are proud to partner with NGM on this important work.