Our mission is to be the leader in safe, productive, and innovative underground mining solutions.

We like to think of our mission as a three-legged stool. If any one of the legs is broken, the stool will tip over. We know your goals are safety and productivity. Our goals and our client’s goals must be the same for both of us to succeed.

We believe a mine and the people working in that mine must be safe. We make every effort to provide the tools and training necessary to perform a job safely. Each and every employee has the right and the obligation to perform the job safely.

The mine must be productive. After all, we exist to provide you with value. When we are productive, your investment will be maximized.

We strive to drive innovation. We encourage all of our miners to practice continuous improvement; do the job right the first time and if you see a better, safer way to perform your task, let’s give it a try. After all, who better drives innovation than the people performing the work?

Check out our project history and current jobs. We’re ready to tackle your project.