ClientProjectLocationStart DateEnd DateDescription of WorkDrifting, Ft.Ore TonsBackfill Tons     
Jervois Mining, USA.Idaho Cobalt ProjectSalmon, ID8/1/2021In ProgressHighwall, Portal, Development, Production Mining61800
i-80 Gold Corp.Granite Creek MineGolconda, NV3/1/2021In ProgressRehab, Drill Support, Bulk Sample, Development000
Nevada Gold Mines (Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.)Turquoise RidgeGolconda, NV9/1/2020In ProgressHigh Capacity Ground Support, Critical Development around 3rd Shaft 9,709 040,488
Nevada Gold MinesNorth PostCarlin, NV4/1/2020In ProgressRehab, Reinstall Utilities, Development Drifting4,305Nil0
Nevada Gold Mines (Newmont Mining Corp.)VistaGolconda, NV7/5/2017In Progress14′ x 16′ Development, 14′ x 16′ Sill Cuts, Long Hole Stoping, Backfilling, Full Production Mining29,025 1,282,027 987,032
Nevada Gold Mines (Newmont Mining Corp.)LeevilleCarlin, NV8/1/2014In Progress15′ x17′ Development, Mining, Backfilling, Rehabilition, Installation of paste fill lines, various cellular filling37,575 215,973 427,638
Jerritt Canyon GoldSSXElko, NV6/12/2014In Progress15′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, CRF, Shotcrete, Cubex drilling65,338 3,104,265 3,525,021
Jerritt Canyon GoldSmithElko, NV3/1/2010In Progress15′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, CRF, Shotcrete (as of 12/14)108,595 4,190,579 3,379,911
Sabre Gold Corp.Copperstone MineQuartzsite, AZ9/1/20212/2/2022Rehab, Reinstall Utilities. 000
Nevada Gold Mines (Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.)El NiñoCarlin, NV7/8/20187/31/2021Highwall stabilization, Two Portals, 16′ x 17′ Development, 15′ x 15′ Drift and Fill, CRF, Full Production Mining18,476 604,427 595,217
University of ArizonaSan Xavier Minng LaboratoryTuscon, AZ9/30/20203/31/2021Portal and 350′ of 15′ x 15′ drifting to create a modern facility35900
Freeport McMoran Inc.MayflowerFrisco, CO6/1/20196/1/202012′ x 14′ Drainage Tunnel, Raise, and associated works1,160 00
Newmont Mining Corp.ChukarCarlin, NV9/1/201112/31/2019Portal, 16′ x 16′ Development, LHS & C&F Mining31,200 3,209,000 1,952,810
CRG Mining LLCGold Links MineOhio City, CO7/1/20174/30/2018New Portal, 15′ x 15′ development, drifting on vein, stope mining, support drilling efforts1,127 1,500 0
Newmont Mining Corp.Vista (Twin U/G)Golconda, NV1/3/201610/15/201614′ x 16′ Development,14′ x 16′ Sill Cuts, Long Hole Test Stoping, Backfilling, Drill Support8008,000 9,000
Carlin ResourcesHollisterMidas, NV5/15/20169/30/2016Rehabilitation of Existing Workings, Support for various tours000
Jerritt Canyon GoldStarvation CanyonElko, NV10/1/20124/26/2016Portal, 15′ x 15′ Development, Establish Surface Infrastructure, Longhole stoping, limited cut and fill, CRF16,800 769,730 660,230
Gullsil, LLCDiamond MineEureka, NV9/14/20151/15/2016Open historic portal, rehab 1,500′ of 4′ x 6′ tunnel000
Atna ResourcesPinsonHumboldt County, NV5/20/201412/31/201515′ x 15′ Development, 13′ x 15′ cut and fill, limited long hole stoping, CRF backfill and Cubex definition drilling3,400 75,000 62,000
Juniper Mining, LLCGolden ChestMurray, Idaho7/1/201410/11/201513′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, CRF Backfill, Narrow Vein 6,159 56,000 39,783
Waterton Global Mining Co.HollisterMidas, NV8/11/20147/31/201516′ x 16′ Exploration Drive, Miscellaneous Rehab of existing workings.1,292 00
Mojave Desert MineralsGold RoadOatman, AZ10/1/20141/23/2015Haulage Only Contract020,0000
Newmont Mining Corp.Leeville MiningCarlin, NV6/1/20056/12/201415′ x 17′ Development, 15′ x 15′, 15′ x 20′ Ore dev., LHS, Shotcrete83,000 1,850,000 4,500,000
Stockpile Reserves LLCFencemaker MinePershing Co., NV7/1/20133/31/2014Rehabilitate existing portal and workings, extract new ore14200
Curtis TungstenAndrew MineSan Gabriel Mountains, California11/1/20131/31/2014Rehabilitate exisiting mine, drive secondary escape, stoping706000
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin East / Full HouseCarlin, NV2/1/200912/31/2013Combination LHS and underhand drift and fill to finish the mine25,000 389,100 410,000
Veris Gold CorporationSSXElko, NV6/25/20125/31/201315′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, CRF, Shotcrete3,500 85,000 56,000
Newmont Mining Corp.VistaGolconda, NV2/15/20114/30/2013Two Portals, 16′ x 16′ Exploration Drive, Diamond Drill Stations16,300 9,000 0
Newmont Mining Corp.MidasMidas, NV1/15/20103/22/201316′ x 17′, 15′ x 15′, and 9′ x 12′ Development, 7′ x 12′ Cut & Fill, Cellular Concrete Backfill27,700 45,000 2,000
Klondex Gold & Silver Mining CompanyFire CreekCrescent Valley, NV10/1/20101/20/2013Construct surface facilities, portal, exploration decline.5,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Pete BajoCarlin, NV11/15/201012/31/2012Two Portals, 16′ x 16′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, (As of 12/12)20,300 323,000 313,000
Highlands, LLCButte HighlandsButte, MT1/1/20106/1/201214′ x 16′ Development, Drill Stations, Exploration Project. Assist drilling effort while on stand-by.4,500
Newmont Mining Corp.Exodus – Phase 2Carlin, NV1/1/20103/31/2012Portal #2, 16′ x 16′ Exploration Decline, 15′ x 15′ Development, LHS Mining23,800 55,000 12,500
Newmont Mining Corp.Deep StarCarlin, NV7/1/201010/1/2011Access historic 5050 and 4440 levels. Mine approximately 15,000 tons of ore.1,750 22,000 26,000
Genesis, Inc.Genesis MineTroy, MT2/1/201010/30/2010Drive 3,300′ of 20′ x 20′ Decline to access new ore block3,300
Newmont Mining Corp.Chukar FootwallCarlin, NV1/1/200212/31/2009Portals, 15′ X 15′ development, LHS & C&F mining52,000 2,620,000 1,250,000
Great Basin GoldEsmeralda MineHawthorne, NV7/20/200910/1/2009Re-establish surface, dewatering, rehabilitation of 300′ of 11′ x 12′
Newmont Mining Corp.Deep PostCarlin, NV5/15/20099/1/2009Rehabilitation and active heading shotcrete application
Newmont Mining Corp.MidasMidas, NV3/10/20095/15/2009Mechanized bolting and support services for decline cave-in
Newmont Mining Corp.Exodus – Phase 1Carlin, NV9/15/20085/15/2009Portal, 16′ x 16′ Exploration Decline, Drill Stations6,300
Mines ManagementMontanoreLibby, MT8/15/20084/30/2009Rehabilitation and pumping water in 18′ x 18′ Decline, Various training
Genesis, Inc.Genesis MineTroy, MT7/1/200812/20/2008Grout, Stabilize and drive through three fault zones, Mine room & pillar 20′ x 20′20040,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Full HouseCarlin, NV7/1/20088/30/2008Rehabilitation of 1,500′, 15′ x 15′ Exploration Drift, Drill Stations850
Yukon Nevada GoldSmithElko, NV7/1/20088/15/200815′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, CRF, Shotcrete5002,000 1,000
Barrick GoldPinson IIGolconda, NV1/2/20086/30/200814′ x 16′ Development and Drill Stations1,500
Placer Dome / BarrickGolden Sunlight 2Whitehall, MT12/20/20066/30/2008Portals, 15′ x 15′ Development, LHS, Rehab of GS #110,000 375,000
Barrick / Meridian JVStormCarlin, NV7/10/20066/30/2008Rehabilitation, 15′ x 15′ Development, Drift & Fill Mining, Shotcrete10,000 160,000 150,000
Placer Dome / BarrickCortez HillsCrescent Valley, NV11/20/20056/30/2008Portals, Twin 17′ x 18′ Developments, Various constructions22,200
Placer Dome / BarrickGetchellGolconda, NV12/20/20026/1/2008Rehabilitation, 14′ x 14′ Drifting, Drift & Fill, LHS, CRF 25,000 1,750,000 1,300,000
Molycorp, Inc.QuestaQuesta, NM1/10/20068/15/200711′ x 11′ Developments on draw point level12,500
Barrick GoldWeird IICarlin, NV12/1/20052/1/2007Portal, 15′ x 15′ Develoment, Underhand Drift and Fill2,000 80,000 50,000
Atna ResourcesPinsonGolconda, NV6/1/20054/1/2006Portals, U/G shop, 14′ x 16′ Development, Drill stations3,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin EastCarlin, NV8/10/20042/1/2006Combination LHS and underhand drift and fill to finish the mine1,000 85,000 50,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin MainCarlin, NV8/10/20042/1/2006Combination LHS and underhand drift and fill to finish the mine50014,000 10,000
Barrick GoldWeird ICarlin, NV8/1/20051/1/2006Portal, 15′ x 15′ Develoment, Underhand Drift and Fill50020,000 12,000
Barrick GoldBetze DriftCarlin, NV8/1/200411/1/2005Portal, 17′ x 17′ Development to Rodeo plus Exploration drifting4,000
Snowbird ResortPeruvian TunnelSalt Lake City, UT8/17/200510/15/2005Portals, 11′ x 13′ tunnel through the mountain, shotcrete finished 9/2006.600
Queenstake Resources, USASteer ProjectElko, NV4/1/200412/15/200414′ x 16′ Development and Cubex Drilling5,000
Queenstake Resources, USAMCE ProjectElko, NV6/1/20047/20/2004Finishes LHS work at MCE while Steer was ramping up31,000
Barrick GoldStorm Exploration DriftCarlin, NV4/1/20047/10/200415′ x 15′ Development, Drifting for stope access, Cubex drilling2,000
Placer Dome, LTDGolden SunlightWhitehall, MT7/10/20022/1/2004Portals, 14′ x 14′ Development drifting, LHS mining9,150 520,000
Barrick GoldStorm RehabilitationCarlin, NV5/15/20038/15/2003Rehabilitation and reinstallation of utilities for 3,600′
Billings Bench Water Dist.Water TunnelBillings, MT3/10/20034/15/2003Shotcrete and bolting only
Phelps Dodge Corp.Henderson U/GHenderson, CO6/15/20023/1/2003Initial project was 7′ x 8′ water drifts, ended with 25′ x 33′ draw points 3,000
Canyon Resources Corp.Briggs NorthTrona, CA9/15/20018/31/2002Portal, 14′ x 14′ Development, Inclined room and pillar with 75% extraction1,500 120,000
Anglo Gold Corp., USASmith MineElko, NV11/15/20014/15/200215′ x 15′ Development drifting and stope preparations2,500
Newmont Mining Corp.SMD Rain Sub-ContractCarlin, NV4/10/19994/15/2002Continued Rain mining on a guaranteed $ / ounce delivered to portal6,000 421,000 25,000
Vortex MiningVortex MineUtica, MT10/1/200012/20/20018′ x 9′ Trackless development plus 20,000′ Cubex RRC drilling3,000 75,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Deep PostCarlin, NV4/15/19998/29/2001Portals, 14′ x 15′ Multiple developments with various construction activity13,500 35,000
Echo Bay Minerals Corp.Cove East, Cove South Battle Mountain, NV3/15/19997/15/2001Portals, 12′ x 12′ Development, LHS w/ delayed CRF and underhand drift & fill8,500 350,000 140,000
Pegasus Gold Corp.Diamond Hill MineTownsend, MT2/15/199612/20/2000Portal, 14′ x 14′ Development with LHS and remote mucking12,000 850,000
Glamis Gold Corp.Dee North U/G MineDunphy, NV11/1/199912/15/2000Combination LHS and underhand drift & fill3,000 315,000 120,000
Anglo Gold Corp., USASSX MineElko, NV8/15/200011/1/200070,000′ of sample drilling
Golden Arrow Mining LLCGolden Arrrow MineLewiston, MT6/1/20009/15/20005′ x 7′ Trackless development200
Newmont Mining Corp.Rain MineCarlin, NV9/15/19934/1/1999Portal, 10′ x 12′ Development, combination LHS and underhand D & F12,000 500,000 300,000
Anglo Gold Corp., USASSX MineElko, NV10/1/19983/15/199950,000′ of sample drilling
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin MainCarlin, NV5/15/19952/28/1998Portal, 12′ x 12′ Development with combination LHS and underhand D & F5,000 200,000 120,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin WestCarlin, NV3/1/199612/1/1997Portal, 12′ x 12′ Development plus stope preparations3,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Deep StarCarlin, NV2/1/19949/1/1996Portal, 14′ x 14′ Development drifting with various construction activity10,000
Newmont Mining Corp.Carlin EastCarlin, NV9/15/19939/15/1995Portals, 14′ x 14′ Multiple heading development, test LHS mining with CRF5,000 100,000 60,000
The HomesteadHeber City, UTHomestead Hotpot4/15/19958/15/1995Portal, 6′ x 8′ Drift into center of hotpot for scuba diving access100
Battle Mountain Gold Corp.Crown Jewel ProjectOroville, WA5/20/19955/30/1995Portal closure with concrete and grouting
Diversified DevelopmentLone JackMt. Baker, WA8/15/199411/1/1994Open stoping on narrow gold vein2,000
Diversified DevelopmentLone JackMt. Baker, WA8/15/199311/15/1993Open stoping on narrow gold vein2,000
Echo Bay Minerals Corp.McCoy MineBattle Mountain, NV4/1/19904/1/1993BCI-2 stope drilling and blasting
Battle Mountain Gold Corp.Fortitude U/GBattle Mountain, NV10/1/19923/1/1993Portals, Three concurrent development areas with various mining methods3,000 60,000
Echo Bay Minerals Corp.Kettle River MineCurlew, WA4/1/199012/15/1992BCI-2 stope drilling and blasting
Precious Metals Inc. of TXKlondike ProjectKingston, NV4/1/199211/15/199210′ x 10′ Development with inclined room and pillar slusher mining8002,000
Fischer-Watt Gold Corp.Mystic MineSun City, AZ4/1/19929/1/1992Converted an out of control shrinkage stope to long-hole stoping1,000 15,000
Western Utility ContractorsDeer Creek PipelineProvo, UT7/15/19928/15/1992Backfilled 400′ of abandoned 8.5′ diameter pipeline
Alta Gold Corp.Red Ledge PropertyHalfway, OR5/15/19927/15/1992EPA Mine closure with helicopter support in Snake River Wilderness
Cyprus Pinos Altos Corp.Pinos Alto MineSilver City, NM3/15/19925/1/1992Raise cut outs plus raising
South Atlantic VenturesOracle Ridge MineSan Manuel, AZ6/1/19901/15/199214′ x 14′ Development drifting, Room and pillar mining3,000 150,000
Hecla Mining Corp.Apex ProjectSt. George, UT3/1/19906/15/19918′ x 10′ Developments plus 4′ x 6′ top cuts and underhand cut & fill1,500 25,000
Cedar ResourcesPlatoro ProjectPlatoro, CO4/1/19901/15/1991Exploration drifting3,000
Magma Copper Corp.San Manuel MineSan Manuel, AZ8/1/199011/1/1990Cubex rotary reverse circulation drilling for leach water return
Cyprus Gold Corp.Copperstone MineParker, AZ3/15/19896/1/1989Portal, 7′ x 8′ Exploration into pit wall (First time out of a pit wall)400
Cedar ResourcesPlatoro ProjectPlatoro, CO6/1/19886/1/198914′ x 14′ Development, Exploration drifting, test mining on a Vein4,000
Western Utility ContractorsDeer Creek PipelineProvo, UT4/1/19894/15/1989Backfilled 400′ of abandoned 8.5′ diameter pipeline
Eastmaque Gold Corp.American Girl “B” ZoneWinterhaven, CA3/1/198611/1/198812′ x 13′ Development drifting, Test mining, Various construction8,000 20,000
CoCa Mines, Inc.Cactus MineMojave, CA5/1/19878/1/1987Exploration drifting to drill hole intercepts300
Musto Exploration, LTDApex ProjectSt. George, UT1/15/19837/1/1987Development, Ore mining, Various construction3,000 25,000
Verdestone MiningVerdestone MineGardnerville, NV8/1/19828/15/1982Claim assessment work
Total835,400 25,279,201 20,586,630
Current Year000
835,400 25,279,201 20,586,630