SMD is dedicated to operating according to sound environmental practices.  For over thirty years, we have maintained an excellent working relationship with both our clients and regulatory agencies. We are keenly aware of the high environmental standards that are required at any of our client’s operations.

As a contractor, we have, in general, not been directly responsible to environmental regulators for permit compliance.  We typically work directly with the client to ensure specific policies and procedures that are required to maintain permit compliance are met. We have, and will continue to, adopt and comply with the policies of any regulatory agencies and those of our clients at each job site.  Our goal is to prevent harmful impacts on the environment.

We will become familiar with the environmental policies and procedures of the specific project, convey and inform our employees of such, and ensure that we fully comply with all environmental policies of the project.

Fuels and lubricants will be adequately contained to prevent release or loss. Used oil will be recovered and utilized for thermal recovery, if appropriate. Use of chemicals will be minimized and environmentally friendly products will be sourced, when available. We believe it is important to operate in a sound environmental manner in order to maintain credence with regulatory agencies, trust in the communities we live and work in, and confidence with the people we work with.