Granite Creek (formerly Pinson) – i-80 Gold, A New Mining Company

i-80 Gold was recently formed when Equinox Gold completed its acquisition of Premier Gold Mines. i-80 Gold then acquired the Pinson mine, renamed it Granite Creek, and plan on developing and placing the mine into production.

SMD has assisted the former Owner, Waterton Global, with care and maintenance activities for a number of years after they acquired the property out of the Atna bankruptcy. We continued this support and began doing various rehab within the mine to support underground drilling mid-year 2021.

As i-80 Gold has continued drilling activities and advancing the project, we have continued to accelerate our support. We are proud to support i-80 Gold’s underground mining program at Granite Creek. Their plans are to ramp up to production in 2022 and we will be there to support their goals.