The SSX Mine – A large mining complex with a long history of production

SMD began mining at the SSX mine in early June 2014 for Veris Gold. Jerritt Canyon Gold purchased the entire Jerritt Canyon Complex out of bankruptcy from Veris Gold mid-year 2015. Jerritt Canyon Gold has now been purchased by First Majestic Silver. SMD is proud to be First Majestic Silver’s mining partner at SSX. We look forward to continuing this long term relationship.

The SSX contract is a unit rate contract and includes development, production mining, and backfilling.

The SSX Mine is a large complex and has been mined for over twenty years. Production comes from both the Steer side and the SSX side of the mine. The production target for this mine is 1,200 tons per day of ore, plus the associated development to sustain this rate.

Mining at SSX is typically completed with 15’ x 15’ development and ore drifting. As at the Lee Smith mine, the ore is fairly tabular and dips at about 30 degrees. It is ideally suited to drift and fill mining methods. Historically there was significant long-hole stoping, however, the majority of the ore in production now is not thick enough or have high enough rock quality to allow long-hole stoping.

At the end of 2021, our crews have mined 65,000 feet of development, 3,100,000 tons of ore and placed 3,500,000 tons of backfill.